Processing Infrared Shots in Adobe Camera RAW

In previous articles I have mentioned that it has not been possible to process Infrared shots in directly in Photoshop RAW, due to White Balance issues. Now it seems, that is not the case.

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Canon 300D Shutter Replacement Tutorial

This relatively old camera still has a few uses as long as you can find one that is still up and running! One of the main problems that appears on other articles relates to Shutter repair – although I haven’t found a procedure for tackling a repair.

I swapped a bad one out from another camera and so thought I’d share the experience…

Although of course… I take no responsibility for any repairs attempted and of course, this will void any warranty you may still have!

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Canon 300D sub mirror pin failure – Another Story


As a Canon 300D owner I recently fell foul to the common problem of a failure of the autofocus system. The lens would rotate fully in either direction but never to a point of focus. I did some searching and discovered that it was a problem with the secondary mirror underneath the main mirror that is used in the auto focus system. Continue reading