Quantums of Time

Quantums of Time

Originally uploaded by Steve Castle

I’ve done one of these before, with a different plant and a different camera.
This one is with the Canon 40D and an interval timer, which means the frames can be exported in a High Def format, rather than the 4:3 aspect standard def version I managed a few years ago.

One frame at 25fps is equivalent to One shot a minute for just under 24 hours.
(i.e. one second = 25 minutes).

One battery of the 40D was able to last just over 12 hours on a full charge, which was quite good! Mounting the camera backwards on my tripod allowed me to (very carefully) change the battery during the timelapse period. All images were shot as large JPEG, rather than RAW, to ensure I could get them (1435 images) on a single 8Gb card. Using a desk lamp I was able to continue shoot throughout the night for the whole period.

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3 Comments on “Quantums of Time”

  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Gavin Lewis, Steve Castle. Steve Castle said: http://bit.ly/awyhzo 24hr Timelapse of one of my Orchids blossoming. Happy Sunday. [...]

  2. DJ Leekee says:

    What an amazing result!

    I absolutely love this! Great choice of music aswell!

  3. stevencastle says:

    Oh yeah… shoulda mentioned this here too… I did on the Flickr page…

    “The music was created using ‘Pulsate’ by Andre Michelle, which is an mathematical, abstract, visual music creation tool – highly recommended for a play…!!”


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